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Jorge Barata González

From: Madrid (Spain) Date of birth: November 1, 1987
Email: click here Website:

I'm a web developer from Spain. My heart goes out to analyzing, designing and developing websites. I usually develop with MySQL and Django or PHP frameworks. I also like to play around with HTML, CSS and Javascript frameworks. In my spare time I try to help and contribute to free and open source projects.


Developer skills

  • PHP frameworks Expert, 3+ years
  • MySQL & database design Advanced, 3+ years
  • Django Advanced, 1+ years
  • HTML, CSS & Javascript frameworks Intermediate, 3+ years
  • Java ME, SE & EE Intermediate, 3+ years
  • Drupal Intermediate, 1+ years
  • Wordpress Intermediate, 1+ years
  • Ruby on Rails Beginner, 1+ years
  • Oracle Beginner, 1+ years
  • .NET Beginner, 1+ years

System skills

  • Subversion Advanced, 3+ years
  • Web Servers (Apache, Cherokee, nginx) Advanced, 3+ years
  • GNU/Linux Advanced, 3+ years

Productivity skills

I am used to project management tools and collaboration tools:
  • Redmine
  • Active Collab

Computer Engineer 2007-present


InDaHouseRulez S.L. Programmer - 2009-2011

  • Analyst, designer and developer
  • MySQL database architect
  • Frontends and backends developer
  • Systems technician (FreeBSD & Debian)
  • Subversion repository manager
  • Remote working

Customer Service Center Computer technic - 2008-2009

Contributing to free and open source projects